What people are saying

"EurasianRob's the kind of voice actor that shows up and knocks your socks off when you least expect it. I was so fortunate to cast him as a lead character in Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence because he takes his work very seriously. The quality of his work is nothing short of incredible - a real joy to listen to! He's friendly, motivated, talented, and fast. Anyone would be lucky to cast him. He's got a bright future ahead of him."
- Mr Jimmo
Themes: Romance, Comedic, Slice-of-life
“Rob is an excellent voice actor and a very pleasant person to work with, he is excellent at listening to instructions and following direction. He also has quite the talent at reading between the lines of any role and adds that little bit of nuance to every character to really help them come alive. And with a passion for voice acting like his you can be sure that he will stick around for those long projects.”
- Teras Outis
Content Warning: Horror, Disturbing Themes, Mental Illness, Violence
Themes: Psychological Horror, Vulnerability, Anxiety
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“EurasianRob is/has providing work for an audiobook that I am directing. The project will have ten audiobooks and I am hoping that he will come back for as many as he wants! He is one of the best voice actors to work with! He always sends in lines on time and if he needs more time he asks nicely. Also he can work with others very well. You will not be disappointed with having him on your team and I am looking forward to work with him on more projects!”
- Seth Quine
Themes: Narration, Warmth, Adventure
“An amazing voice and talented individual who is amazing to work with and manages to be one of my most punctual and eager of my voice actors. He’s got a sense of humour and has a tendency of putting a smile on people’s faces all whilst taking his craft very seriously. I am still working with him, as the project is yet to be finished, but I am so very honoured to have him casted as one of my protagonists”.
- CSR Creations
Themes: Narration, Vulnerability, Empathetic
“EurasianRob is such a positive and talented addition to any project. He shows such an appreciation for the work and truly strives to bring his character to life. He is always open to direction and provides his takes and any adjustments well before deadline. I definitely look forward to working with him again as a director and fellow actor!”
- JoshuaSpectorVA
Themes: Encouraging, Empathetic, Heroic.
Content Warning: Horror, Violence.
“EurasianRob is a wonderful actor: he took part in two of my audio and video productions, where he's consistently been prompt, helpful and courteous--and he has a lovely sense of humour! He did a great job: got the acting and characterisation right, both by the script and the director/producer. He has a wonderful voice, excellent interpretation skills and he's very able at reproducing accents different from his own.”

“I'm overall very pleased and I'm looking forward to future projects with him.”
- Cassie Ingaben
Themes: Reflective, Regret, Disconnected
"Rob is a very talented Voice actor. He is also very good to work with. He knows what he's doing so hire him today. Don't wait and regret. do it now"
- That Love Podcast
Themes: Comedic, Romantic, Dramatic
"We were so lucky to have Rob for our project, where he played the lead antagonist. His King Solomon was just the right level of charismatic villain, 100% believable and larger than life. He was not afraid to portray raw emotion. Scenes that would have anyone else hesitating, Rob just breezed through like it was nothing.
A joy to work with, a versatile actor and the biggest bonus of all, a great sense of humor."
- Be Not Afraid Podcast
Themes: Cold, Antagonistic, Authoritative